Kinetic Contracts recognises the significant influence that procurement may have on the environment and the social aspects we interact with. We are committed to minimising the environmental and ethical effects of purchasing and wherever possible seek to have a positive impact through our procurement practices, in line with our values we seek to procure goods and services in compliance with high ethical standards.

Contracts – Contracting

  • All Kinetic staff are required to act in a fair, transparent and objective manner when dealing with customers, subcontractors and suppliers and to this end our staff complete declarations to state that they will abide by the Standards of Business Conduct policy which encompasses Anti-Bribery legislation.
  • Our sub-contractor’s contracts also outline the need to abide by Bribery Act 2010 and the Kinetic Standards of Business Conduct policy, which provide guidance to those undertaking works on behalf of Kinetic Contracts on their basic ethical and commercial responsibilities. Adherence to these Standards is vital in ensuring that Kinetic Contracts Ltd maintains its reputation and continues to retain the confidence and business of its clients.

Ethics / Human Rights

Kinetic Contracts upholds the protocols of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Kinetic Contracts Ltd has set out its position in a number of policy documents, including:

  • Child labour
  • Equal opportunities
  • Industrial Relations
  • Rights for working Parents
  • Position on UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • We avoid purchasing from areas of the world which are known to be complicit in human rights abuses, child or forced labour, or discriminate in respect of employment practices. This is achieved, we believe, by purchasing the vast majority of materials from manufacturers with BES6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products and the remainder from manufacturers that are based in the United Kingdom who source their raw materials from the European Union.